AVR300 and PMC DB1s - speaker cable?


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I'm using my AVR300 with PMC DB1 speakers and although I'm very impressed with the sound, I'd like to try bi-amping the front speakers using the two extra surround amps as you can do with the AVR300. I'm currently using Linn speaker cable, carried over from my previous non-Arcam/non-PMC system. Can anyone recommend a cable for bi-amping that would suit the characteristics of the Arcam/PMC combo?


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No sure if this is any help for you, but i use Atlas 2.0+1.1, between my A90 and PMC GB1's.
I have not got them bi-amp'd only bi-wired, but it sounds very good to me.
This is the same cable that the shop was useing when i auditioned these speakers and i do belive that they were useing the spare outputs from the AVR300 to bi-amp the GB1's.


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I use Chord Rumour 4 to bi-amp my FB1s and bi-wire my TB2-C and Rumour 2 for single runs to the rears (DB1s). I tried several other cables and found these suited the system best to my ears.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I have ended up going for Chord Carnival Silver + biwire after talking to my local Audio-T chaps...

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