AVR300 Amp + Tag speakers



Hi all,

quick question for you all.

I have an ARV300 + dv70 combination feeding into a Pioneer 435xde through the HDMI link.

The speakers are Tag Mclaren Calliope movie setup - 2 calliope fronts with bass extension modules + centre and rear channel calliope .

It all sounds really good with movies - but reading a recent post in this forum about the AVR300 playing loud enough, it got me thinking...

The setup for the amp is to feed into 8ohm speakers, but, looking at the specs for the tags, it says the following:

'bookshelf' speaker 6ohm
'bass module' 4 ohm nominal
'centre' 6 ohm nominal

Now, I know little about this impedance thing and to keep it simple for me to understand, would it make sense to change the settings to set the amp independence to 4 ohm - or am I likely to damage the sepakers / amp.

Not sure about this...

Thanks for the replies,


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