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AVR250 sound loss problem


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Obviously no sound is a major problem! It is intermittant but becoming more regular. The sound just cuts out, and it can be bought back sometimes by putting it in standby, or power cycle and my daughter says she can get it back by muting and un-muting. The family use it more than me :(

I think it will have to go to Arcam, but being as it is now over 2 years old I will probably have to pay and be without sound for as long as it takes to fix it.

I have a 21 year old Kenwood stereo amp that is still going strong and that wasn't anywhere near as expensive! It could be used at a push so at least I will get L R and LFE at speaker level to the REL Sub.

Has anyone had this problem and is it a hardware or firmware thing? (just by resetting makes me think firmware).


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Just me with problems then.

The amp stopped output even after reset, so I tried a different source (DVD though coaxial) and it made some strange noises, dd5.1 popped up momentarily and then it went quiet again. I didn't think to try the direct analogue from from the HTPC at the time. I tried it the next evening and it all worked again!

It seems like an input stage problem, but I am taking it to the dealer I got it from (so that I can get a loan AVR) and they will send it to Arcam for an estimate to get it repaired. It is a few months over the two year warranty. :mad:


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HI there. I sympathize. I have the same but slightly different problem which finally drove me back to repair shop last week. Based on my last experience (when it blew up quite well the same day I purchased) ...might be a month before I see it again. Mine reached a tipping point of flicking itself into standby about once every 15 minutes. It does sound like the problems are related though...but to get mine going again I would need to turn off then back on again.:mad:


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I also just sent mine away for repair with no digital audio inputs working. Analogue Inputs worked fine though. Fortunately I just bought mine August last year so should be covered by warranty.


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I got my amp back today, only had enough time before coming to work to get it connected up and do some basic configuration.

The repair was mainboard replacement, update/fix on resistors on DSP and update to firmware.

Seems good so far and looking forwards to watching some new films over the weekend, Hitcher, Death proof and a French film that I think Lovefilm sent me by mistake.
I gave it a quick work out with War of the Worlds heat ray scene.

I had a Denon 1907 as a loan and watched Resident Evil Extinction (Blu-ray) and the tanker exploding nearly knocked me off my chair. Nice amp, but no way could I get it to bi-amp my fronts and it kept telling me the polarity on my FR speaker was wrong. I suppose it could be, the AV shop made up my cables with banana plugs and I have never tested the continuity. I will check that before I do any more viewing.

It is good to get it back even though the wallet is lighter by £160.

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