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I hope someone can help.......

Have suddenly started to suffer from a problem with an AVR250. It has suddenly decided not to output any sound from any source. I've checked and triple checked all the inputs.outputs and everything is fine.

It started yesterday when I changed input form Tuner to PVR then the sound died. The relay(?) sounded like it was flipping over but nothing came out. I worried, panicked and checked every input and source, as any rational owner would, but to no joy. I left it off approx 2 hours then tried again. No sound appeared from any input, until I pressed the 'direct' button 'on and 'off' a couple of times, this seemed to free the problem and sound resumed on all sources :clap: .

But, I'm afraid to say, we've had nothing at all today :( :( :( .

Has anyone else had this problem ? If so any help would be fantastic.

I've had to resort to digging the old Alpha 8 amp out of storage to facilitate music and tele.

Many thanks in advance and I'll be 'phoning my dealer first thing tomorrow.




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Does this only happen with digital sources, or analogue sorces that are being processed via the dsp module ?

To identify the problem try selecting an analogue source and then pressing stereo direct.

This will bypass the dsp module. If sound appears the it could be a problem with the dsp...




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Hi Kishoo,

Cheers for the reply, but it seems to happen on all sources Stereo Direct or not. It's a definite hindrance to the audio-visual entertainment side of things ;)

Anyway, she's gonna be dropped off this afternoon to my dealer for a check-up as it were.

Thanks for reading,


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