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Question AVR2311 vs Phono Preamp vs Vintage Preamp


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Hello all!

This is my first here and I hope it I placed it in a right category. I'm building ultra budget home cinema / listening enviroment in my living room - (17sq2).

Just to say, I'm amateur and this is my first time building anything like that. Please, be understanding!

I just bought 2nd hand Denon AVR2311, I got Magnat Skyline 5000 Towers for free and I also have Akai AP-B21 turntable for cheaps.

In next 3 months, I want to replace Magnats for something better and buy 5.1 for watching movies.

Main purpose of the build:

- watching movies on projector
- streaming music through Chromecast
- listening to vinyls
- occasional gaming

My ideas how to build:

1. Buy Sansui / Luxman / Marantz budget vintage amp (around 50-100 euro), connect it to the turntable and use the Magnats to vinyl listening, have seperate 5.1 speakers only for movies/gaming connected to AVR.

2. Connect Magnats to AVR, but still buy Sansui / Luxman / Marantz vintage amp but connect it Denon AVR with Pre In/Outs or use to Mutli-Zone in my AVR (or something like that, I don't know what I'm talking about so correct me!)

3. Buy 30-50 Euro phono preamp and hook it with turntable to AVR with Magnats

4. Leave living room for home cinema only and set up listening space in other room (size 10sq2) with:
- vintage preamp
- turntable
- dedicated speakers for that (I don't what that would be)

5. Similar like aboive but replace Akai turntable with better one that has preamp build it.

What ideas / opinions / feedback can you suggest?

Greetings from Berlin,


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