AVR2308 & DVD2910 - HDMI locks DVD up



After a number of problems with my old Denon AVR2105 I was upgraded last week to an AVR2308 - which has something my old AVR didn't - hdmi inputs and outputs.

Anyhow my DVD 2910 which has happily been pushing pictures out the last few years direct to my 42" plasma via HDMI has decided it doesn't like being connected via HDMI to the 2308 at all.

In fact when connected to the 2308 via hdmi the dvd completely locks up (disc draw won't open).

I know the dvd hdmi port works fine - been using it for years direct to the TV. And my brand new 2308 does everything I ask of it brillantly (p/s2, sky,vcr in through RCA out to tv by hdmi).

But the 2910 really doesn;t like some message it is getting from the 2308.

Any ideas? Anyone ? :lease:

Cable Monkey

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Make sure your 2910 is the latest firmware. When it came out there were no HDMI equipped amps and so it would not have been designed to go via an amp which is essentially a repeater. It should fix your problem.


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I have the same issue between DVD-A1XV (manufactured in December 2004) and an AVC-A1HD.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a firmware upgrade for DVD-A1XV :(

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