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Jun 6, 2002
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Just bought a new Pioneer DV350 DVD player (lovely!). When setting it up, I went through all the menus and set it as I thought I should(?) and spun a few disks. I am using an Ixos coax lead from DVD to Arcam AVR200. When put on a couple of DD DVD's, I immediatly noticed that I had to turn up the amp by about 20% more on the dial to get the same volume level I get from my Panasonic Sky box. I use a good phono lead from Sky to amp (I forget which make, but it sounds better than my old Cambridge Audio Pacific cable).

So, I ask: is this lower level(volume at same db level on amp display) on DVD playback Vs Sky normal? I couldn't find anywhere on the Pioneer DVD to adjust output levels, whereas on Sky box I can adjust output (it is on max. at present). Would an optical-out be louder (better?) than coax?

Any ideas please?

I think this is fairly common. On my Denon I don´t need the volume level set high for music yet will have to have a louder setting for movies (dvd´s). Down to their Dynamic Range I assume, if the quiet bits were at a higher level, then the really loud bits would blow you out of your chair!!

You can adjust the Sky output, same with my cd player. Just set it to where its best for you. I doubt an Optical cable will make much difference in terms of loudness.
Nice one Jase. That's what I was thinking, somewhere along those lines too. Just wanted a bit of confirmation. I will stick with the coax as the sound from DVD's is very clear and dynamic. I'll just have to change the volume when switching devices, which is hardly tough. Cheers for the quick reply:)

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