AVR200+P90 or AVR300 ?




To start here is my system:

Arcam Avr200
Arcam CD73
Speakers Monitor Audio Silver 8
Denon DVD 1600

I would like to upgrade the Avr200. Knowing that I would like to privilege the quality of the stereo mode what would the best option:

Avr200 + P85 (3 Channels)



Basically what do I gain or loose by choosing one of the options above?

Can you also tell me if there is a significant improvement in sound quality for the stereo mode between Avr200+P85 and an A85?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

General Skanky

Well-known Member
The really 'true' answer would be for Arcam to make a Diva AV/Hifi processor rather skirt round the issue with an integrated receiver or a hifi rig that can 'almost' do the lot with an add on board.

I for one would be interested.

To answer your question though, I'd say the AVR300.


Well-known Member
I have the AVR200. I reckon it sounds similar to A65/A65+.

Arcam reckon new AVR300 is between A85 and A90 in stereo.

I can't see that adding a P85 to your amp will take it up to A85 level, so the AVR300 seems best for stereo, let alone the bonus of 7.1, video upscaling, extra inputs, etc.

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