AVR200 Biamping options


rich smolen

I have an AVR200 that I am interested in biamping with a pair of VTL MB100 tube monoblocks (100 wpc) for the front 2 channels. Does anyone have experience either biamping with tubes or using the tubes only to drive discrete channels for the AVR200?

Is matching the gain going to present a problem? I have stepped attenuators that I can put in line between the RCA pre-outs and amp inputs.

If I decide to bi-amp with the tubes on the bottom, would it present a problem to run the receiver with tubes off occasionally, or would is present some ground loop problems or do damage to the receiver?

Or...am I better off using a P85 or P90 to biamp the mains?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


rich smolen

In case anyone was interesed, I ended up hooking up the VTL amps using the left and right pre-outs from the AVR200. I A/B'd the AVR standalone and using the VTL's for L & R. Big improvement - to say the least. I've managed to wire it such that I can use all 5 channels of the AVR200 for normal listening, but when I want to do serious listening/movie watching, it's easy to hook up the amps.

I'm leaving the amps connected via RCA cables to the AVR L & R pre-out - that shouldn't present a problem, should it? The amps are not on and the speaker wire is running to the AVR.


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