AVR-X3700H Using Multi Ch Stereo - Adjusting Levels for music source only


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Hi there

just setup my new X3700H, I let the Audyssey do its microphone thing and after it completed I watched a few minutes of a blu ray and was very impressed with the sound (both direct and heavy eq'd presets). I have two integrated amps with HT bypass doing poweramp duties for the front and back pairs with the Denon powering only the surround pair (6 speakers in total).

For music I have a Sonos feeding the coax digital input (marked DVD) and like the idea of multi-ch stereo, however I notice that the front two speakers are much quieter than the surrounds and back in this mode. Is there a way to increase the level of the fronts when using multi-ch stereo that won't affect the balance set by the Audyssey surround setup? What I'm trying to do is "protect" the initial surround balance setup done by the unit so I can use it for movie watching but figure a way of storing a second (music) preset for multi-ch stereo that I can configure manually (ie boost the fronts)

thanks for reading, hope the question makes sense



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figured it out, once on "DVD" (which is for the Sonos) you can choose "option" and then "channel level adjust", I added 6db to the fronts. When I flick over to the BluRay input and run a DTS-HD signal and review the same, I can see that all channel levels are 0db (presumably Audyssey has already adjusted the levels under the covers?) - anyway it seems I've achieved what I was after...

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