AVR-X2700H with dual HDMI and second TV using TV speakers


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My friend wanted an AVR with 2 x HDMI out so bought the Denon AVR-X2700H.

He has his main TV in the lounge and a second TV in the kitchen, on the kitchen TV he wants to use the TV speakers for sound, so he can view he same Sky channel on both TV's with sound from the amp in the lounge and sound from the TV in the kitchen, is this possible?

If the Denon can't do this which receivers can?


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I believe he'd need to step up to the 3700 to get a Zone 2 output which is what he's looking for.


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You can pass both audio and video through via HDMI, but if the AV receiver is configured to pass HDMI sourced audio through and out via HDMI then the AV receiver itself plays no part in processing or portray that audio. You cannot configure the AV receiver to both handle the audio while simultaneously passing it through. It is a case of one or the other and not both.

Yamaha AV receivers will do this, but there are drawbacks to having such a setup. THe source device would regard the TV's auudio capabilities as being what determines what audio that source can output and as such you'd be restricted to just formats the TV can handle as opposed to the formats the AV receiver can handle.

If wanting toporay the audio via the TV as opposed to the AV receiver then maybe engage the HDMI passthrough in standby feature? THis will pass the HDMI signal through and out to the TV while the AV receiver is in standby. This would include both the audio and the video and without it preventing the AV receiver handling the audio processing when not in standby.

Note that the 2 outputs on the X2700 are not there yo provide a second HDMI zone. If wanting such a feature then you'd need one of the higher tier models that include dedicated second zone HDMI capabilities.
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I believe the only other options to also get the sound would be to either get a 2nd amp and use the 2700 zone preouts or only have 5.1 in the main room and assign 2ch to the other zone.

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