AVR or AV Processor what to get next question


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I was confused by the tone winner as the vid I watched said that if you had no sources connected to the tonewinner you get no video output from the eARC. Otherwise I’d buy the tonewinner. Is it the same Amur by the way?

The tonewinner outputs osd for volume and setup, if that's what your mean?

Or you want sound from the source TV but osd info from tonewinner to TV?


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I want two sources connected to lg c2. It has loads of apps so I pensioned off my Nvidia fire cube and Apple TV. Just have Zidoo z1000pro and Oppo left.

I am currently using Oppo as processor which is good but I don’t want to wear it out as I can replace a processor but not the 205 going forward.

I want to connect the Oppo audio to a processor by 7.1 to use the Oppo dacs. I also want to connect the Oppo to the lg because I want to control my sources via the lg which has higher waf.

I want the eARC port on the lg c2 to connect back to the processor.

That’s about it.


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I want the video from the Oppo to the kg c2 and the audio to the processor with the processor connected to the lg c2 eARC hdmi2. If that makes sense.

I had issues with e-arc so I'm running sources direct into the tonewinner.

Just be aware room eq on tonewinner is crap. Personally I'd prefer having avm79 but at 3.5x more it's bug expense.

Tonewinner doesn't have 7.1 input just 5.1 . My old lexicon mc-8 AV pre had 5.1 input the only way to get 7.1 RCA input of that unit was special modification.

Surely you'd be using hdmi anyway? Unless the source has sacd or higher end dac? Also if the AV pre digitises the 5.1 input sound quality will be lost. I don't believe the 5.1 is true analogue bypass. The lexicon mc-8 was and the mc-12 allowed choice of analogue or digitising the input.


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I’d use hdmi if I were using my Oppo 203 but the dacs in the 205 are so much better.

My Audiolab 7200ap was straight through analog bypass but it doesn’t do eARC. Nor does my Primare sp32 4KVM.

I’m just trying to find an easier solution. If fat rich says his avm70 does what he wants (and I bought his Sharc eARC to try to do this on the cheap). I’m minded to go with that.

I’ll just have to sell a ruck of stuff on the classifieds to finance it.


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I only need 5.1 bypass so the tonewinner would do I think. The AVM70 doesn’t have even 5.1 bypass so that’s a non starter.


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nly need 5.1 bypass so the tonewinner would do I think. The AVM70 doesn’t have even 5.1 bypass so that’s a non starter.

Fair enough but Im pretty sure it converts analogue to digital. Also On the regular analogue inputs there is no option to use analogue bypass or to convert it.

If you just want a no frills AV pre it's good enough. For the £1050 I paid I'm happy with it.

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