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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by nadsys, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Hello all, first post..

    looking for a complete system as i've got a bit of cash saved up and ready to dive in.

    before you read on, this is about receivers, not speakers so please read all.

    from research i've done and price range i can afford. the 2 speaker set's i've found are:

    Canton Le 190 x2, le 150 x 1, le 120 x 2.
    sub = as40
    cost=1100 euro

    B&W WM4 x5,
    AS2 sub
    cost = 1100 euro

    i tested the B&W system today in a shop with a Denon AVR.

    Now, my requirements are mostly for movies, not so much music, looking for a decent mid-ranged AVR.

    all the HDMI AVR's start from 1100 to 2500 in price, yamaha, denon, Marantz, samsung, jvc. Bit more than i was hoping to pay.

    question is this, is it worth paying for an hdmi avr? is this new technology so much better than the current system? remembering that my speakers are middle of the road, and its mostly movies im using my system for.

    Next question, which avr do you suggest for the above mentioned speakers? the denon i tested the b&w's with sounded sweet-as.

    big lcd tv will be next thing on list to get, which is why i ask about hdmi, if its really worth it or not.

    please let this noobie have your joint brainpower and expertise.
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    HDMI is worth it if you plan to buy a HD screen, prepare to buy a HD discplayer and possibly a HD sat receiver.

    In makes you forget the Philips DFR9000, easy to get in your country! ;)

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