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I recently posted on here but now need some more help. I am in the market for a new AVR this month (followed by speakers and CD Player when I get the cash).

I have narrowed my list down to the following. All have 5 star ratings, but some are slightly older.

1. Denon AVR1910 (£399)
2. Denon AVR2310 (would be a massive big push at £629!)
3. Sony STRDA2400ES (£399, was originally £528)
4. Yamaha RXV1065 (£479, was originally £750)
5. Yamaha DSP AX863SE (£499, was originally £800) ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK at dealer and no more around!!!

My system will mostly be used for films, but occasionally I like to have music on so music quality is important. I plan to upgrade my CD player to a Marantz CD6003 as and when I can afford. I am currently running Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's front and rears with a Mission E3ASR Sub. Planning to get some new better quality speaker cable/HDMI and interconnects to. Eventually I will want to upgrade my speaker package but have to save :(

All are highly rated in their own rights (What Hifi), but often peoples opinions differ from the reviews in the Magazine, ie, the Yamaha DSP AX863SE was originally £800, and they said it was 'a cut above other systems for music', but reading the forums on here people have said it was merely 'average' and over priced. Would a newer Denon AVR1910 be better sonically even though cheaper or am I better getting an older but originally more expensive system?

Can any one offer me some good advice. Testing number 3,4 and 5 is impossible as they are mail order only and end of line so I would have to rely on reviews and opinions. It's a huge amount of money for me and I really want to make the right choice before I part with my cash.

Thank you :)
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Hi Mate

Decision decisions eh!?:eek::D

It is a nightmare - I am looking at upgrading myself at the moment, and have kind of earmarked the ones you have described as well asn the Onkyo 607/807.

However, from reading and reading and reading, I am leaning to the Denon 2310 - check out Trusted Reviews for (surprisingly) a review! They liked it a lot!

However, I am running a full Wharfedale system and, depending on who you talk to, the speakers and amp, may not be the best match. not rubbish by any means, it just depend on personal preference. Might be worth going and having a listen to the ones you can and go with the best (to your ears) you can afford...

I don't think any of the amps you mention would be a disappointment, but, as I said, at the moment I am leaning to the 2310 as it has the quality and most of the features that were steering me to the ONKYO 807....apart from THX certification.....but I doubt that will make much difference to me in aliving room set-up with the speakers I have.....so not really a let down....

Mind you, I'll probably still be trying to make a decision at Christmas!


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I just spoke with someone who works at Superfi, he told me that the Sony STRDA2400ES is probably not the best one to go for if I like music as it sounds a bit flat in comparison to the Denon's or Yamaha RXV1065.

Actually, a feature I have just noticed on the Yamaha RXV1065 is a USB port on the front. Maybe I don't need to get a dedicated CD Player after all? Will the sound quality be any good though listening to music on a USB Stick? Hmmm?


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Hi Conkerman

Have you tried listening to music from the USB port? If so how does it sound? Also, would you consider the Yamaha to be an equal an equal equivalent to the 1910 or 2310 in terms of sound quality? I'm still trying to find reasons that would make me justify spending another £129 for the 2310 over say the 1065 or even more on the 1910....


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I have a Demo of the Yamaha RXV1065 and the Denon AVR1910 at Sevenoaks S&V Bromley tomorrow at 1100hrs so will be interesting to see the differences. Will update with results (if I can actually notice any with my untrained ears!).


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Well, to those that are interested, I tested them both, and could hardly tell a difference between them. The only difference I could make out (and it was really marginal in my opinion), was the Denon sounded a little 'fuller' than the Yamaha.

I first tried them out with the B&W685 AV and was not to impressed in all honesty. I was a little disappointed as I had high hopes for the 685AV as I was considering getting it.

Then I tried both amps with the B&W MT25 and then MT30 (with the PV1 sub). Wow..... The MT1's are great, so much detail and clarity, so much more than the 685AV. When the PV1 was added, it was like wow all over again, the difference in bass was very, very noticeable. I'd go as far as saying that If I had a PV1 I think my downstairs neighbours would be banging on the ceiling.

I am going to go for the Denon 1910, and get the MT1's, although I might save myself £700 and go for a Monitor Audio RSW12 instead of the PV1 as they are currently selling them off at £400 or less.

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