AVR for harman Kardon speaker set HKTS 8


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Denon 1705/6
Yamaha 457/9

They are around the £200 mark.
I don't know what you class as inexpensive though.


A shot in the dark, but how about an inexpensive Harman Kardon AVR? :thumbsup:

A bit confused why you need to ask the question to begin with really!


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harman AVR's are kinda expensive at where i live (istanbul). actually all avr's are more expensive than germany, england or usa. so what i'm trying to find is pick up the right avr that doesn't disappoint me with low budget..

i'm considering sony dg500 for these speaker set.. i'd recommend her my avr which is marantz 4600 but only itself is about 750 euros in here
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