AVR- Digital and Analogue connected at same time?


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Hi there,

I have a Pioneer VSX 921 and have just set up a second zone.

I want to have the capability to listen to Sky HD and my Apple TV (Gen 3) in Zone 2. I know I can only listen to analogue signals in Zone 2, so have connected set up as follows:

AVR Input 1(Sky HD)-

AVR Input 2 (Apple TV)-
L+R RCA (via rLink Dac)

My question is this... I know I will receive stereo in Zone 2 no problem, but as I have the analogue aswell as digital inputs connected to the same input, will I lose the 5.1 in the main zone?

Who wins... Analogue or Digital? Or will my AVR kindly sort all of this out without me having to worry about it?:confused:

I suppsoe I could have the RCA's going to a 3rd or 4th 'audio only' input, but would like to avoid the fuss if possible.


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As far as I am aware the sky box will transmit sound from the analogue and digital inputs at the same time so this should not be a problem. Just have the analogue input on a different input on the AVR (i.e. CD) and then select this for the zone 2 listening.
edit: since zone 2 only looks at the analogue inputs there should not be a conflict if connected to the same input. You could always try it and if it does not work just have them on different inputs.
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Thanks PSM.

You're correct in that the sky box outputs the digital and analogue signals at the same time. The ATV outputs the audio via HDMI and optical simultaneously aswell.

I will be controlling zone 2 via the iphone/ipad control app, so I suppose I could always set it up so you wouldnt really know they were separate inputs, by renaming and hiding the various inputs available to each zone... I was just hoping to avoid using two additional inputs because I dont think I have enough, but maybe its my only option.

I am certainly getting audio from the rear speakers with the current setup, but I'm not sure whether this is true surround sound or some sort of extended stereo... I will try to run a test of sorts at the weekend.


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Ok, so I tested it this weekend.

The Sky HD box will output both digital and analogue signals at the same time which is great. Also, when connected to the same input on my receiver (ie the optical in of 'video 1' and the left and right RCA input for 'video 1') the main zone will play in digital surround and zone 2 in analogue stereo.

The Apple TV did not work in the same way though. When connected to the HDMI and RCA (via rLink DAC) inputs for 'video 2', both zones would play stereo output from the ATV. As soon as I started playing an ATV film in digital surround however, the second zone stopped outputting any audio at all. I suppose the DAC can't covert a digital surround to analogue.... I can live with this though.

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