AVR as a pre-amp, with power amps; or separate out the pre-amp?


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Without the long story, I’ve ended up with a venerable Yamaha 1065 AVR, a pair of Cyrus X-powers driving PMC 22 fronts-sides, another X-power driving the front (Tannoy Revolution DC6 – but on the lookout for a matching PMC), and a pair of Tannoy DC4 Revolution at the back (which are ideal, given size/shape).

The plan was always to integrate a dedicated DAC/pre-amp for stereo duties… but stereo is surprisingly good via the AVR DAC, using pure-direct.

The AVR has never let me down.

The weakness is the front channel – always been lacking a little clarity (to be fair, as noted in reviews at the time) – so as needing the vol cracked up a bit from the auto-room balancing test.

By chance, the Cyrus’ seem to be a great match with the PMCs.

So I wonder… would I be better off spending money on a (better) AVR rather than a dedicated pre-amp/DAC?

The Yamaha has 24-bit Burr Brown.

Happy to go second hand… prefer to stick with Yamaha given my experience. Recommendations if so? Yamaha Z7/11s?

Or go all out for a new dedicated DAC/pre-amp? Have DACs really moved on from what I’ve got?

NB: No intention of ceiling speakers, 5.1 is enough, and Dolby Atmos doesn’t seem likely. Might upgrade the front speakers to bigger PMCs later down the line… (wife/lounge thing).


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