AVR 850 dowmixing 5.1 to stereo glitch


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Hi, firstly let’s cover off all the obvious stuff . the Unit has been sat in my hi-if rack for 22 months , latest firmware 7.14 . Not a single menu setting , cable , connected hifi unit has been changed in that 22 months , nothing , nada.

a couple of weeks ago when streaming via jriver through my Oppo 103 , with my AVR showing 5.1 PCM on screen , it was most definiteLT only playing front L+R . pause/play and it popped up with the missing channels .
I’d put it down to jriver steaming weirdness

However , i‘ve now had the glitch and solution (pause/play) replicated on an physical disc on both my Oppo 103 and my panasonic dmp-ub900 , so it’s gotta be the AVR

again , I haven’t changed a single solitary item , nothing , this glitch has just started

any experience of same ? Any ideas

in summary , unit via streaming or disc (on two separate players ) shows it’s getting 5.1 , but only plays front L+R until you nudge it with a pause/play


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This sounds similar, but not entirely the same issues that I had with that firmware. Using the previous firmware, 4.41 fixed all of my issues, on an Arcam AVR550.

I'd recommend giving that a try. The firmware is attached to the first post of the main owners thread. Make a note of all of your settings first. And do a factory reset before and after changing firmware, then add back in your settings.

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