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AVR 600 equaliser????


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I have been using some room analysis software to try to cure the mumbling I keep getting from the centre speaker. Dialogue is awful (I do think some of the blame is with the actors though) I have found a couple of dips in my graphs in the 1-3khz range which is where most speech occurs. Is there a way of changing equaliser settings in the AVR600, I realise I can alter speaker type and position. set up the Audiossy with the microphone etc but can you alter things manually???

I looked at purchasing a graphic equaliser but most go before the amp and speakers not between them


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I don't think you can adjust the room correction on the AVR600 manually at all.

Your two options (as I see them and if you want to stick with Arcam) are...
1) ditch the AVR600 and replace it with an AVR550 or AVR850
2) keep the AVR600 but get some power amps (perhaps a s/h P7 or P777) and add something like the MiniDSP 88A for better, more configurable room correction.


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Thanks for your quick reply

I like the idea of separate power amps and the mini dsp which is the same brand as my UMIK which I have just bought for room correction
I can then use it as a partial upgrade -- possibly buy Classe amps and then invest in a new preamp later

Is the AVR850 fully configurable then? wonder if I can get a trade in?


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