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AVR-4308 / DVD-3930 / HDTV cable setup?


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Hi people!

First post, although I've enjoyed reading a lot of the other threads on these pages.

I just bought a DVD-3930 and will get an AVR-4308 next week, as well as my new Philips 42PFL7862D LCD. For now, I only have 2 front/floor speakers, so no surround.

What is the "optimal" cable setup with this equipment?

I imagine a few scenarios:

HDMI from DVD to AVR.
HDMI from AVR to TV.
Digital Audio from TV to AVR.

- but can both audio and video "get through" the AVR?

HDMI from DVD to AVR.
HDMI from DVD to TV.
HDMI from AVR to TV.
Digital Audio from TV to AVR.

DENON Link from DVD to AVR.
HDMI from DVD to TV.
HDMI from AVR to TV.
Digital Audio from TV to AVR.

(from what I've read, the DENON Link can only handle audio)

Have I missed some option? How would you connect the cables with this kind of setup?

Best regards, happy new year, and thanks in advance!

Deeez Nuuutz

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Hi, i'd try and route all your sources via the amp for less hassles and a single cable to your TV.

Personally i'd connect everything via HDMI direct to the amp and let it do all your input switching and have a single HDMI lead to your TV.

Not sure about Denon link tbh (never used it) but you could try connecting it between the DVR and Amp. Although you'd need HDMI anyway for the video so not sure what advantage it would give you to use Denon link?



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I think I'll go "HDMI all the way" as you suggest. Thanks!

I don't see the benefit of Denon Link, when it doesn't transfer video. I've seen other people write it's great because of providing a single connection between DVD and amp, but I don't see that happen.

I presume the AVR-4308 doesn't degrade the video signal from the DVD (when using HDMI)?


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Hi, Denon Link used to be especially useful for sending multichannel audio (from SACD / DVD-Audio) from a suitably-equipped deck to your suitably-equipped amp/receiver - which meant that both had to be equipped with Denon Link, and therefore both made by Denon! A single cable (instead of six phonos) was much neater.

However, these days, later iterations of HDMI (if implemented properly by the manufacturers of the kit - and some have messed-up!) will pass SACD as multichannel digital (DSD) to amps/receivers which can process DSD.

If you're interested in SACD/DVD-Audio then this is relevant - otherwise, don't bother.

P.S. Some recent receivers have been known to mess-up the HDMI connection function and only output 2-channel DSD from a multichannel DSD input. Some suspect that this is anti-competetive behaviour from certain manufacturers - meaning that you have to buy both the DVD player and amp/receiver from the same manufacturer to get this HDMI feature working properly :thumbsdow

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