AVR-4306 now or 4308 later?


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Denon AVR-4306 has been the receiver I have been looking at since last summer when I upgraded my speaker set to Dynaudio Focus 140, 110, 200 C and SUB500. Now it is sold at very attractive price in Germany (EUR 1325,00 + transport cost). Problem is that now the price is right but on the other hand new AVR-4308 is also around the corner... Will I be missing something essential if I now go with the 4306 compared to waiting for 4308?

2 HDMI outs would be nice ofcourse but the above price of 4306 + HDMI splitter is still tempting - and a lot less than new 4308 will be, I suppose.

I am mostly interested in the video capabilities of the 4306. Ethernet, internet radio and/or iPod connectivity have absolutely no value to me. Does the scaler in Denon really help DVB-T picture quality? Is there a really visible difference compared between Topfield 5100 PVRt feeding Panasonic AE700 with SCART RGB directly or DENON scaling and converting that signal to HDMI 720p? I will not need the scaling capability for DVD as my 2910 has the same scaler, does it not.

Thank you for you expert opinions!


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Depends if you're in a hurry to buy or not. As yet, full specs of the 4308 haven't been released so we don't know for sure what other features might have been added.


I got the AVR-4306 in March 2007 and am very happy with it. Does everything I need and more. Don't dismiss the Ethernet connectivity it's really cool. There is also Windows Media Connector which allows connection to a windows media centre so you can play all your mp3s and WMV files directly.

As far as upscaling DVB-T signals, I personally can't see the improvement in picture quality so don't expect DVD quality signals from DVB-T. You really need HD/component sources to get a worthwhile improvement in picture quality. I got SkyHD and the results from the HD channels is stunning.



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Thank you for your comments.

The price of the 4308 was just too much for me. Therefore I decided to order the 4306 which really only lacks the second HDMI out. At a little under EUR 1300 (£880) I would consider it a good deal.:)


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Yes, theres nothing wrong with going for exsiting technology, at a much better price. As HD sound formats have a good 1-2 years to really be ironed out, and even then, more fine tuning etc.

I was bored and did a google on the Denon 4308, heres some links(they're really the same information, but if your really bored.......:thumbsup: ):




Thats all folks!:thumbsup:

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