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:hiya: Hi Everyone,

:lease: Can anyone tell me how I set up the 4306 for simultaneous output of Component video and HDMI, I want to send the same input source to two screens but one has a HDMI input and the other only has component, I have tried, but had no luck :confused:

I look forward to any help :thumbsup:




By default, the HDMI output and the component outputs are live at the same time. The answer to your question depends on two different things:

1) Your input source- the 4306 will upscale RCA, s-video, and component signals to HDMI, but will not downscale HDMI to component. So if you want to use both the HDMI and the component outputs simultaneously, your input source has to be RCA, s-video, or component.

2) Make sure that you have analog to digital conversion turned on in the video setup menu. Otherwise, RCA, s-video, and component signals won't be upconverted to HDMI.

With those two things in mind, you should be all set.


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Mine ceratinly outputs componet and hdmi at same time - but only for inputs that are less than hdmi

would seem that hdmi in = hdmi out, whilst anyother input will be sent out on anyother output

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