AVR-300 video adjustment?


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The new H.K. AVR-7300=730=1030 has the Faroudja system on board which means (if I grasp it correctly) it makes component video output from every video signal you throw at it.
Does the AVR-300 do the same or a similar trick?
I read the press release, but am a bit confused...

And does anybody know the suggested RRP of the Arcam?

Both receivers seem to be really available in September, so I'm still thinking to buy either one...
I love the Arcam sound, but my present AVR-5550 is very slick and very easy to handle...


John Dawson

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Hmmm - the Faroujda part is a deinterlacer and (in some versions) a scaler and does not in itself perform video upconversion, by which I mean turning composite or s-video siganls into component video. Since the DVD player and display (if progressive video capable) will also each have a deinterlacer this could be construed as overkill :)

The AVR300 can output very good quality interlaced component video (and, uniquely, RGB-S video - like SCART) from composite or s-video sources if you wish, but the quality can never be better than the original format obviously. The main reason to do this is to have only one set of video cables going to your display, which must by definition be able to do the same kind of upconversion.

The AVR300's RRP is £1299 inc VAT in the UK, and around 1999 Euros in most European markets; it is $1999 (before sales tax) in the USA.

Volume production has now commenced and I expect we will supply demonstrators into most UK dealers during May. We are heavily pre ordered but I see no reason why you should not be able to purchase an AVR300 quite soon and certainly well before September.

John Dawson (Arcam)


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Thanks John,
I think the main issue for me here is the SOUND quality.
I want the best fodder for my new Reference 203's + 202c I can get from an AVR !
And since I loved the A85 sound, and the AVR300 also supports biamping the fronts in 5.1 mode(really makes a difference on my current HK, plus bass level control as an added bonus...) I'll go for a AVR300.



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If a Prog scan signal is inputted to the AVR 300, will it pass thru & give component out ?

I'm going for a 2nd demo of a DV79 on Tuesday armed with a bunch of my test CD's/DVD's, & it seems likely I will purchase one. I have been thinking of upgrading my amp for a Yamaha DSP-Z9 based mostly on my liking of Yamaha amps, but I am interested in the AVR300 (not least because it's £2000 cheaper ! ;) ). The output is going to both a plasma and projector so I am thinking of using an AVR300's transcoding to give me one component out which I can pipe into a distribution unit.

The inputs would be Laserdisc via S-video, Sky via S-video (or component via a JS-tech RGB to component converter), DV79 via component (prog scan), video via composite and X-box via component.

Would this work O.K. & how would the prog-scan signal be affected in the amp ??

Also not sure about the RGB input on the AVR300, how is it achieved & could I therefore use an RGB scart to RGB phono cable & simply plug it in to the amp instead of using a converter ???

Any info would be very gratefully received.

Best Regards,


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