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AVR-300 - Simply Stunning!


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Hello All:

I just had to make a quick post today related to my new family member, the AVR-300! I received the unit last night, and after lovingly unpacking it, I placed it in its rightfull position - replacing my old HK AVR-65. I have been experimenting with it this afternoon (and a little last night before my soccer match) and all I can say is that I am absolutly floored. I auditioned the unit at the local shop, but never expected that my Atlantic Technology 350THX speakers would wake up and come alive to such an extent! Two channel music through this wonderful unit has me grinning from ear to ear. Hearing a Piano reporduced througy my system now sounds even more like a piano (and since I play one this is a very rewarding experience). DVD-Audio and my collection of DVD's I have run through the unit also sound spectacular.

I have now come to the conclusion that my next upgrade may well have to be new speakers. My AT 350's sound fantastic in all formats... except in direct stereo mode. This, I believe is due to the 80Hz-20kHz frequency response. Two channel music does sound fantastic when not running in direct mode because my subwoofer comes alive and fills in the lower octaves. I guess I do have an option (besides running everything through the DSP chip in the receiver). I could take the LFE direct path to the sub out of the mix and let my sub perform all L/R crossover direction for the channels. Would you all be willing to share your experiences with me in relation to how you are using your sub in your home theater setup and what you think I could do outside of purchasing a new 7.1 speaker system?

Well, I need to run. Thanks in advance for any thought, comments, or suggestions you may have. It truely is wonderful to now be an owner of such a wonder piece of equipment.

Cheers. :beer:



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Welcome to the club, it is agreat piece of kit. Have you biamped it with 6/7 yet, can you with your speakers? If you can think about a power amp for biamping.


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Unfortunately my Atlantic Technology 350THX speakers do not support Biamping. This is where I wish I owned my fathers M.A. Silver series...


Welcome to the AVR300 club......you made an excellent choice and you will love it for years to come.......

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