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AVR 300 questions from new fan

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by simontodd, May 21, 2005.

  1. simontodd

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    May 21, 2005
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    Today we demo'd the AVR300 and were very impressed but can't find the answers to some of my questions at my dealer or in the archives here

    I hope to use with the following equipment

    Epson TW10H projector as main display with 5 passive speakers
    Pioneer DV-656A
    Project turntable with preamp
    Windows media centre pc
    Powermid XL remote extenders
    Keene Phono 1:5 distribution amplifier connected to zone 2
    2 bedrooms each with a tv and active speakers (pc type)
    2 pairs of bose garden speakers
    The 2 bedrooms and garden would run from the Keene distribution

    This to me may enable a modest way of having very basic multiroom capability which my wife can operate simply without having to pick up 3 remotes and remember a complex routine of button presses

    Can anyone help me with the following

    1. Can the remote control operate my Epson projector, on and off would be fine?
    2. Is it possible to purchase an additional remote to control zone 2?
    3. Can I use powermid XL receivers in the bedrooms or do I need something specific from Arcam?
    4. Can anyone suggest how to power the garden speakers so I can have volume control outside?
    5. Is it true that the remote is a waste of time with Sky+?
    6. We were planning to purchase KEF KHT 9000 ACE speakers for the main room, any observations?

    Sorry about the list but we've been looking at systems for weeks and I think this is the best we've listened to but I need it to work the way we want

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered
  2. Crustyloafer

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    Sep 12, 2003
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    1. Almost certainly, you just need to teach whichever commands you need to the CR-80 remote that comes with the AVR300.

    2. Yes you can purchase an additional remote, I believe they retail for about £80, maybe less.

    3. The powermid XL receivers should work perfectly well as long as there is an emitter situated on front of the AVR300.

    4. A small integrated amplifier run from the tape loop outputs on the AVR300 should be all that's required. The A65+ from Arcam wouod be a good choice.

    5. The remote control will learn most but not all of the functions for a Sky+ box but there willl be occasions when the original sky remote is required.

    6. The Kef 9000 speakers would be a good match for the AVR300, we have a set in our demo room running from the AV8 and P7 but have had the AVR300 running through them too and it sounded great.

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