AVR 250: Sound levels low


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Hi All,

New owner of a 2nd hand 250 here. I have this set up with the front speakers bi-amped. Running Quad 12's front, 11's rear and Quad sub.

It sounds quieter as in i have to set the volume to above 60 db to get a reasonable sound volume.

Is this just me getting used to the new amp? Used to run a Denon 2803, then recently used a cyrus 6 to run the fronts. Same speaker set up as with the Arcam.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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Yes this is quite normal. The volume on the AVR250 is a logarithmic scale and doesn't get loud until you get in to the higher numbers. For example here are my normal listening levels:

Normal TV: 60dB
Film on TV: 70dB
DVD Movie: 80-85dB


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Thanks Crusty,

That is about the same levels as i am getting.

Quick Q: Have set all my speakers to "Small". Is this correct?

The arcam manual states that small is not capable of reproducing bass ie below 100Hz. The Quad range is sated as 45Hz-24Khz in the Quad manual.

Slightly confused, although love the actual sound!

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