AVR-1907 Zone 2 woes...



Hi guys!

I am having some serious problems with Zone 2 on an AVR-1907, and it might just be that I need to clarify the capability of this receiver. The manual and Denon's website leaves much to be desired...

I have assigned the surround back amps to Zone 2 in the system setup and have a pair of outdoor speakers connected to the Zone 2 speaker terminals with a passive volume control installed in the wall. I am able to get music outside, but only from whatever the Main Zone is listening to. And even more frustrating, I am not able to control the Zone 2 volume output separately from the Main Zone. So, with the passive volume knob set all the way to 11, I have to blast the speakers in my Main Zone to get reasonable, not great, just reasonable, volume outside.

So, here is question numero uno: When using the Zone 2 speaker terminals (not the Zone 2 pre-outs) can I play a secondary source in Zone 2 apart from the Main Zone?

If yes, GREAT, but how on earth is this done?

If no, which I suspect is the answer, how can I adjust the volume outside, either with minimal volume inside or without anything playing inside at all.

I appreciate any advice on this matter. THANKS!



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First thing to bear in mind is that only analog sources are output to Zone 2. Make sure the Mode Selector 1 switch on the remote is set to Audio then switch the Mode Selector 2 switch to Zone 2. Press the Zone 2 ON button to switch on Zone 2. Then press one of the function buttons to select your Source e.g CD. You then use the Volume Buttons as normal. The default volume setting is off so just increase the volume up to the level you want.

You can also select Zone 2 from the front panel buttons by pressing the Zone 2/Rec Select button. Zone 2 Source will appear on the display and the Zone 2 indicator should light up and then you turn the main function knob to the Input you want to listen to.

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