AVR 1906 - problem - no sound



Hi, appreciate any help with an AVR 1906 problem. Have read a number of threads with similar probs and tried a lot of solutions.

The facts:
Have AVR 1906 connected to QED egg speakers with pretty heavy duty speaker cable.
1906 connected to PS3 and Pio 436 with Toslink optical cables.
10 months trouble free excellent sounds...
2 gerbils.

The problem:
Right surround speaker suddenly started emitting a loud crackle when switching the 1906 from DVD (PS3) input to TV (436 media box) input. Found this disconcerting but couldn't find a cause.
Then 1906 started going into protection mode (no sound, on/off button flashing).
Gerbils escaped from cage...

What I've tried...
Checked all speaker connections - all fine - problem persisted.
Moved ntl box from on top of 1906 in case overheating - problem persisted.
Disconnected Right Surround speaker - no crackle - thought that I had isolated the problem. Left it for a couple of weeks to make sure. Today dragged out the cable from the wall (hidden behind skirting board) to check if pesky gerbils had feasted on it causing some sort of a short. Cable in pristine condition (now wondering how I will re-thread it back into the wall... much muttering under breath)
Gerbils now blame free - though still wondering how our two 'males' managed to provide us with 7 baby gerbils...
Other half then informs me that as recently as this morning the 1906 went into protection mode twice thus in my mind eliminating the Right Surround speaker as the cause (it was disconnected) - though I wish she had mentioned it BEFORE I pulled out all the cable!

Ok now I'm seriously close to throwing something out the window... help!
Anyone got any ideas on why I'm getting a crackle from the speaker?
Any solutions on the protection mode thing?
Thanks in advance for any help for my sanity.:confused:


Hi there,

Have you tried disconnecting all your speakers connections, is the amp still going into protect mode?

Protection mode
The normal reason for this sort of failure is that the amp has got too hot, because it has been driven beyond its capabilities - if you are constantly running at high volume (around -5dB) or if you have a big room, this will almost certainly be the reason.

You should not place any other equipment on your amp, as you know the amp does get hot, hence you should give it ample room for ventilation.

If your amp goes into protection mode frequently, it will need to be repaired.

I hope the above helps.


Thanks Tiger2

Haven't tried the system with all speakers disconnected. I am going to try check all the connections again and will do so when they are all disconnected. The 1906 usually runs at around -26 and doesn't appear to get too warm. Haven't had anything on top of it for weeks just in case...

Rang Denon today and they suggested a re-initialisation of the system, so I'm going to have a crack at that as well!

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