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AVR 1706 and stereo output options


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Ok, so on the way I have a budget setup :) that consists so far of:

Denon AVR1706 (ex-dem)
Monitor Audio B2 (ex-dem)
Monitor Audio B1 (ex-dem, but never used)

I was wondering about the options the AVR1706 has for music listening. How many speakers can I have in use at once time? Am i able to have both sets of stereo speakers operating with any input (ie CD player, console, PC)?

If I can, is there anyway to have 3 sets of stereo speakers? 2 in one room, and one in another?

Thanks, Phil :smashin:

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best go to www.denon.co.uk for a full spec of the amp.
i can run all channels at the same time e.g 5/6/7 channel stereo.
because i live in a small flat and like to watch tv late into the night i run my 3806 in 7 channel at very low volume...sometimes as low as -75db.:)


Ive found that listening to music in NEO6 Music mode has a pleasing result. Leaves the L+R outputs alone, and pipes some ambience to the other speakers.



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Do you want the speakers in the other room running at the same time as those in the main room?

You've got a couple of options. Connect the speakers in the other room to the Front B terminals and then switch them on/off depending on what you want to listen to e.g Stereo Mode with Front B if you just want the other room speakers working. Or you could run both Front A+B if you want both rooms with music. You could select 5CH/7CH stereo mode and Front A+B for example. Be warned that both Front A and Front B share amplification so you could put strain on the Amps asking them to run two sets of speakers.

Another way to fudge it without putting strain on the Amps is to connect the other rooms speakers to the Surround Back terminals and then select 7CH Stereo Mode. You'd have all your speakers in the main room running as well as the other room. To switch off the other room's speakers you'd just switch the Surround Backs OFF by pressing the Surround Back button on the front panel. Only drawback to this is you can't isolate the other room's speakers and have them running on their own. Good news is you won't blow your amp up as you aren't asking it to run four speakers with two amps like you are with the Front A+B option.

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