AVP700 - Direct mode - Turn it off ?


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Hi to every Arcam lovers,

Recently, I bought an Arcam AVP700. It works pretty good, except for some minor issues. Like this one...
After the nanny touched it, the DVD-A input still has the "Direct" button light turned to "On". On other sources, to turn it off, I just have to push that button to turn it back to "undirect" mode.
But whatever I do in the DVD-A mode, it refuses to turn off. Any suggestion or trick to shut the direct mode off ?
It is just annoying, as even if it shows that direct mode is on, I get multi-channel sound ! Anywas, I'd like to be able to toggle it up and down according to my desires...




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Your unit has always functioned that way. It is normal for the direct light to be lit up when on DVD-A input.

Because the DVD-A input is a direct multi-channel input from external sources with their own processing it is not possible to apply any of the Effects or Surround modes that you can to stereo analogue sources and therefore the direct function is engaged automatically.


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Thanks a lot for the info... I never, inf act, noticed that the "Direct Mode" was always on when using the DVD-A input...

I think what draw my attention to it is the fact that, after the nanny "played" around with the AVP700, I get back with a unit having the lights of "DVD"-"SAT"-"AV"-"AUX" light up at the same time... Maybe this is related to the default my unit has on the Digital inputs... (and which should be repaired in ten days or so).

Again : many thanks for cooling down my hard feelings against the nanny blowing up my HT system :)



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