AVP2: Requiem DVD release


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Anyone got this yet?
I bought the unrated Director's Cut from the US. It's okay, but nothing great, but it infuriatingly has a post-production darkening added to the film. I've read the same was true for the movie at the flicks. Luckily you can overcome it at home by the simple expedient of turning up the brightness to the point where you can mostly see what's going on. It passes an hour and a half but it's far from a classic.




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It passes an hour and a half but it's far from a classic.

Agreed - I'd hoped for more, atleast enough to make up for the poor showing of the first AVP. Although I feel this film wasn't as bad, the acting was even more wooden, and over half the film was in darkness.

eric pisch

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watched the UK bluray version last night

enjoyed it alot, looks stunning on the pio thou i could see how it could be 2 dark on a lcd, sound was very good as well

acting is ok, there are no heroes or characters in the film, but thats fine with me as there all bait for the alien or the pred or both :p

shame they cut so much of it ....

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