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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
AVP:R is one for the hardcore, devoted fans only. And even they will have to admit that this is just so much shovelled alien-snot. Instantly forgettable on its own merits, this offering still marks the absolute nadir for two once estimable franchises.

The acting is appalling, the direction is juvenile, the script is risible in the extreme. But who cares about any of that? We already know an AVP movie made by two visual effects dweebs is going to be vacuous tosh at best, so does the film, at least have it where it counts … in the kick-ass, action and suspense departments? Erm … well … barely. There are indeed some set-pieces that perk the interest and the whole thing does rattle along with plot-jettisoning ease. But somehow, the skirmishes revealed just don’t excite. Neither beast is scary and the level of menace has now diminished to less than you can find in the last, and certainly least of Universal’s vintage monster-mashes, The House Of Frankenstein which was, at least, atmospheric. Unlike this.

The timing of this review means that my warnings may have come too late for some people and for that I apologise. If only the Brothers Straus had the courage to say they were sorry …
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Active Member
Glad I didnt pay the £8.50 or however much it is these days to go see it in the cinema!

eric pisch

Distinguished Member
Well i liked it, infact i have seen it 4 times :clap:, but then i have read most of the AVP comics and played most of the games.

Time after time snotty critics down this film ... who cares about characterisation and oscar winning performances, these people are BAIT and infact the worse they are at acting the more you can cheer when they meet there bloody end :rotfl: If you want characterisation and all the other pap critics go on about go watch brookback mountain. Me im sick to death of action films being ruined by directors trying to create oscar wining performances or love interests or the human factor .... Look how crap spiderman became by the time number 3 came along, 90 mins of cutting of all the "acting" and love interest rubbish and it would have been a decent film. Lets go back to the 80s please for a pure MINDLESS action film again.

Ok, ill admit there are some grey areas even for a hardcore fan, first of the action scenes feel like they have been cut badly a week before release to get a 15 certificate, down from an 18 by some trainee.

What happened to all the pred's that where in the ship at the end of AVP?

Why would the pred disolve the evidence and then skin someone and leave the body?

It was a shame only one pred came, although he was obviously an experienced "arnie type" hunter based on his trophy cabinet and the way he handled mutliple aliens, unlike the "teenagers" in AVP, more preds is allways better thou.

I loved the way they raided all the signature sound effects and music scores from the various films.

Could have done with less acting and more pred and alien anilation of each other and people 7/10

Btw the PREDALIEN rulezz !!!! :devil:


Well-known Member
Probably easily the worst film ive ever seen...what a lot of crap. Had so much potential with the alien crashing on earth and starting to colonise, then the Pred "cleaner" turns up and im thinking wohoo here we go.....then comes the dross...a love affair, random stupid teenagers and utter tripe, then the we have the writers going "uhm, we have no idea how to write this so uhm"...lets nuke them..again!


If you want Aliens and Predator movies stick to Alien, Aliens, Predator and Predator 2. Ignore these AvP films as they are complete rubbish.

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