AVP-700 remote trigger issues


Jack Dotson

I recently purchased a Outlaw Model 7500 and am having issues with the remote trigger feature. It turns off and on just fine, problem is it also turns off then back on each time I select a different input.

It doesn't happen every single time, but most times.

The manual refers to the remote trigger as a "stereo" input. I've always used the mono type plug for this purpose and this is the same wire I used with my old Outlaw Model-755 and never had an issue.

Anyone else experience this sort of problem?



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It sounds like the AVP700 is dropping the 12V output briefly when switching inputs, either that or the cable you are using is not offering good enough contact. I would try a stereo cable as referred to in the manual just to be sure. If it is the AVP700 dropping its 12V output when swithcing inputs then this deos not sound like normal operation. We have an AV9 and P7 hooked up together with a stereo trigger cable in the shop and experience no such issues.


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My thoughts here are that there may be a workaround. All you would need in theory is a very simple circuit.

You probably just need a capacitor along the cable which will mean that when the 12v line loses it's voltage very briefly, the stored voltage in the capacitor means that the voltage doesn't drop enough in that short period of switching inputs to mean the Outlaw thinks the 12v signal has gone.

I would definitely get a 2nd opinion on this and also consult Arcam if you were thinking of going ahead. That is of course if there isn't a very simple solution by means of firmware upgrade/hardware adjustment etc;)

Consider this an option if none easier available. You would need someone Savvy with electronics to calculate which capcitor to use etc and maybe solder a small PCB for you etc.


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