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Avoid The Region 2 "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" DVD's!


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I've just found out that the UK Region 2 DVD release of the amazing crime show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (Episodes 1.1-1.12) has had to have one major modification made to it.

As many of you who have watched the show, will know, the opening credits play along to a new rendition of The Who's "Who Are You?". Sadly, due to contractual reasons, the UK DVD editions do NOT carry this on either the beginning or end credits of ANY episodes, and won't do so for any future releases. :eek:

Instead, there is some kind of really ropey, Techno/electronic synth tune that has been overlaid to each opening and closing credits sequence on every episode.

All I can say is this: AVOID THE UK RELEASE!

Whilst I appreciate this is an issue that isn't technically a "fault", it doesn't really make you want to spend hard-earned money on something you know and love, only to find it's not what you expected.

Imagine buying the "Blues Brothers" without the opening Peter Gunn Theme, or buying "The Sopranos" without Alabama3's "Woke Up This Morning" theme on it.



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Hmmm, though imagine if the first time you ever saw it was on DVD and you weren't even aware of the problem.

Fits quite well as far as I'm concerned and doesn't annoy me in the slightest.


Considering that there is no american release of this title yet. And the poor resolution and 3:2 pulldown effect on NTSC DVDs. I fail to see why the opening titles song should affect me the slightest...


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I hated The Who for years so it's removal isn't all bad news, in fact I was peeved to find CSI Miami also has a bloody Who mix on - not exactly original. The Who are back in vogue in the US again and this troubles me, but more especially if Pete boy pops up in an ep to add some wood.

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Originally posted by encaser
especially if Pete boy pops up in an ep to add some wood.
Surely that would not get past the censors :eek: :rotfl:


Originally posted by PoochJD
...the opening credits play along to a new rendition of The Who's "Who Are You?".

It's not a new rendition, it's just an excerpt from the original.

Same for Miami - an excerpt from "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Both very appropriate theme songs for the subject matter.

What is strange though, is that Total DVD had a cover DVD on one issue with the pilot episode of CSI and it had "Who Are" You as the theme song. :rolleyes:

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