Avic X1r and Bluetooth adaptor CD-BT100

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by Steve Hammond, Aug 11, 2006.

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    To anyone thinking of buying a pioneer cd-bt100 bluetooth adaptor, and thinking of connecting it up to an avic x1r....don't waste your money!!
    It all looks great if you read the manueal...lots of nice icons, and buttons appearing on your touch screen.
    Connect it all up, and it's not quite like that...until you have read the manul about 18 times, then you realise you get severely limited phone functions, you can make calls, you can answer calls (providing it is via voice dialling, and that your phone supports voice dialling, and you have it set up for voice dialling)....but anything that mentions you can download your phonebook onto the avic x1r is utter ********.....pioneer confirmed it wont work properly...you get to use the originial buttons on the touch screen...and its not easy to operate...

    utter ****e, and pioneer should have their backsides kicked....they have also changed the information suspiciously on their website now!!!! how strange!!!!


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