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I upgraded my Oppo DVD's players firmware and got hold of Avia yesterday to calibrate my Oppo and Panny AE700.

I done the flicker tweak some time ago and have never had to repeat it. VB is almost completely gone since I did it.

I don't have any filters so can't do colour tweaks. I set my colour to +6 on the AE700 simply because that looks good to my eyes.

I use the Normal picture mode and low lamp level.

I set the Oppo to defaults and just calibrated the AE700. It came out a -4 for contrast and -3 for brightness using Avia. Watched The Phantom Menace, looked good but a little dark. Brightly lit scenes were fine but I found myself peering at little on dark scenes to work out what was going on.

I then used the simple THX optimiser that comes on many DVD's and it came out at -3 for contrast and +3 for brightness. Watched Attack Of The Clones and it looked great. Best picture I've had out of my AE700 yet. Very vibrant colours, seems to shine off the screen in bright scenes and nice and detailed on dark scenes. The Oppo's upscaling also gives it a really smooth, filmic quality. :cool:

So it looks to me that the 'free' THX optimiser does a better job than the very expensive Avia.


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You have to watch out with the THX optimisers as they are designed to make you optimise the picture for that particular film. Each THX DVD will have a different optimiser, which will result in different settings. They basically select what they consider representative dark and light scenes from the film and get you to optimise for those.


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I've spent many a long hour with both AVIA and DVE and I find that the THX is quicker and more accurate in my set up.

I can spend a hour carefully tuning in DVE (stupid torturous menu system) and consistantly get better results using StarWars AOTC THX menu and it only takes a few minutes.

Shadow detail is especially easy to get right with THX.


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I hate to say it but I find that each film is filmed differently, so setting up with Avia is pretty much useless. I spent a while using the Avia DVD to set my PJ picture, and then promptly changed the settings on my PJ whilst watching a film after it. I use the THX setups on DVDs if they have them as they do seem to be optimized at the same level as the film qulaity.
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