AVIA & seting up my Z1


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got a copy of Avia set up DVD, and had a go last night. everything started off ok, with contrast, etc..... then it came to the colour, "you need a RED/BLUE/GREEN filter" well that stopped me right in my tracks.

where do you get these filters.? and trying not to sound daft. are these just to cover your eyes or the lense?

have any of you guys used avia to set up your PJ?



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The filters come with the avia dvd.


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mines seem to be missing (ahemmmm:devil: )

will the stuff from 3-d glasses do?:blush:

Peter Parker

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You should have got a small envelope with three coloured bits of plastic - about 3" x 1". Provided the DVD was an official copy of course.. :)



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lets just say that its a 'loner' with no coloured plastic...(must have been missplaced.)

is there anywhere i can get them or items similar? like that stuff you got at primary school. or are they particular shades etc????

as dvdboxoffice have the 'new' one at £25.

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