avia again. How important for non-CRT?

richard plumb

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Considering buying AVIA. Had it on order at DVDboxoffice, but cancelled after three weeks waiting. Still looking for somewhere else cheap. Recommendations welcomed.

But, is it really useful for an LCD projector? Would I get within say, 10% of AVIA's results using THX optimode?

As I have an AE100, I'm a bit paranoid about getting the tweaking right because of all its foibles. Got filter on the way (if jessops ever get their finger out), ProV, waiting for the component vs ProV shootout to decide on upgrading the DVD player.

But is Avia a step too far, considering the budget nature of my setup?


To my mind, avia is essential even for my little sanyo PJ. For £30 it can make an enormous difference, though how much better than the thx things you are using, i dont know.



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I could get away with just Video Essentials although the gamma pattern on avia is useful for setting up the ae100 .

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Keith has a very high understanding of the workings of the display chain. I think for the layman AVIA is an essential tool for setting up an LCD projector, especially if you are going to use it with an off board processor that has brightness and contrast controls as well.

AVIA has a moving bars pattern for brightness and contrast. The moving white bar pattern is extremely useful as raising the contrast on LCD projectors doesn't cause blooming in the top box of the PLUGE. It crushes white detail instead. This means that the white box can look great it's just you wont see any just below white detail. You can use a test piece of a DVD to set this. On VE use the bit where the fish jumps out of the water at the weir. With contrast ramped up you will not be able to see a delineated line where the waterfall hits the lower level of river. As you turn contrast down to reasonable level you'll see this line appear. Other folk may have their own test pieces. Avia has a simple pattern that makes it obvious.

You should note that brightness and contrast controls on DVD players, de-interlacers and scalers can cause this too.


richard plumb

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thanks for the info, I'm sold. Now, where to find a copy at a reasonable price? Dvdboxoffice was cheap but slow. Amazon + shipping + customs = too much. Any other suggestions? Any forum sponsors sell it?


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Whether its CRT or LCD, calibrating the display device with Avia is absolutely essential in my opinion. You will achieve accurate colours and sharpness detail as well as great black levels and colour balance. If you dealing with an RPTV there is the issue of screenburn, which can pretty much be eliminated if you set accurant contrast and brightness levels using Avia.


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Here's a gift cert for first time users of Amazon - CA$10 off, I believe....
I tried using it, but it seems that they link their accounts worldwide, as my email address was recognised although I've only ever used the .co.uk
I was also a bit put off by their "6-8 week" delivery time with the standard post option - not sure if it's accurate though.

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