AVI full screen. How to get please?


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Hi, does anyone know how to get a full screen video from an AVI file. I found that ACDsee 4 can be used to view all my short videos, but it will not show the file of my latest. Is it because it it a large file at 3.6Gb?
I have lost the method of even getting full screen on any of them, at the moment. This first came up in a dialogue box, offering full screen video, when I opened an AVI file, but it will not do it now?
I am using Win ME, AMD 2400+ 80gig HD 512 RAM.
Pinnacle Studeo 8 for production.
Thanks for any help.


Windows Media player works for me - after you have selected 'full screen' leave the mouse alone for a few seconds and the top and bottom bars move away to give full screen.

Also Cyberlink PowerVCR gives full screen.

Also Sonic CinePlayer.

Also Windows MovieMaker2

Also Real player

All work for me - must be loads more.


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Thanks for that.
I did find the menu on each, after a search on 3 of the programmes I use.

It's the first time I have used the PC for editing my DVD tapes.
I thought that an AVI file made from an IEEE connection, would be the same quality as the original, but I notice that the angles and curves show more jagged edges and the edges are more pronounced by a few pixel wide white border.
Do you happen to know if a tape, recorded back to the camcorder using an IEEE connection, would be the same as the original quality?
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