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Feb 4, 2004
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I got footage Avi taken from digi-cam, thing is that its only 30secs long but it takes up 6MB, is there any software that can make the size smaller, half or less?

Depends on what you later want to do with it or on what devices you want to play it, the most common things would be to convert to either MPG format or perhaps to DivX .. the key issue is whether there's a codec to handle the new format on devices you want to play it and what if any software is able to edit it if that's what you want to do.
Hmmm .. not really, since that's already compressed in theory, but not being a digi-cam owner I have no experience with these things, maybe it doesn't compress.

All I can suggest is you try something like the trial version of Dr. DivX and see if that produces any useful results.
Can you just clear up somthing is it AVI format footage or mpeg format footage. As footage that comes from most camcorders is avi format and can be compressed down to mpeg formage which is smaller. What model is your camcorder.
My camera takes AVI movies. what softwear can you compress it with graham
It works fine in WMP, but then i tried in DivX player (latest version) i get the following:

The video file you are opening includes video data that is not recognised by the DivX player.

The file contains the following type of data:

Video data: FOURCC code "MJPG"

Thats the type of data it is, MJPG - footage taken from Canon A80.

I use Pinnacle Studio 8 which is very easy to use and can even output DVDs as well as SVCD and VCD.


30sec of video to 6MB seams about right at VCR resolution. To get it smaller your going to have to compress it with Dr. Divx which will put it into the divx format so your player will play it. Alternatively you could use Pinnacle Studio to edit the video out to a VCD or DVD.
Aight cools, cheers 4 da info guys!

Finally sorted it now, cut n trimmed the 6.6mb clip to under 500k - no loss in quality! ;)p

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