AVG false reporting


AVG has thrown a wobbly, and is reporting infected files even though as I'm downloading them (Dark Messiah, Scarface and Warhammer MOC patches)

Trojan Horse Generic6.UMS

Anyone else having this?

Nu Breed

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i have read about this sort of response.

for an explanation beyond anything i can say, try 'google' for anti virus false positive.

you will then have to decide IF it is false, or IF it is a 'modified' file with malicious intent.


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i have this problem aswell its infected some drivers and my DVD-RW seems to be playing up after a few mins of play a CD/DVD it stops and when i go to my computer the DVD drive is not there only my HDD is there here is a print screen if any can help, thanks



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Is it fully patched and up to date? IIRC I remember reading some about false postivies and a fix a couple of days ago.

And could you please fix your eariler post with the images in, use thumbnails (1st pic has, 2nd pic hasn't).


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I read a lot about false reporting with AVG and game files, though I have yet to encounter any with my paid-for version (but I don't have enough time for gaming :(). Seems after a couple of days it usually goes away with updates

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