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Toon Army

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The podcast will be LIVE on a Sunday night and is the same format as normal but with a small Q&A at the end of each one. It will go out as usual as an audio-only podcast on Monday on iTunes, Spotify and so on.

Thanks for the feedback
Definitely like the Q&A aspect of the new proposed format and would like to see/hear more questions being dealt with by the team.


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Because of my misunderstanding and foolishness I was under the impression that there are two escape times from the wife, twice a week with avforums live feeds. I even convinced the wife to watch the live feed last week, in order to convince her to grant me this official escape time from her. It was very painful watching with her, but a necessary sacrifice because the prize of freedom would be the ultimate reward.

During the show she pestered me in trying to get me to ask such questions:
  1. Which Speakers can you place plants on?
  2. Is it possible to have Pink Movie bars instead of black?

Now my predicament. Do I tell her there is only 1 live feed a week on Sunday or do I say nothing? What if she enters the TV room on Thursday and finds me not watching a live feed. This could be dangerous to my health. I am already physically recovering from the previous assault. Perhaps I can replay the Sunday Podcast on Thursday.

Difficult times here. Allot to think about.

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