AVForums Podcast: LG C9, Panasonic GZ950, Samsung Q60R, B&W Formation Bar, Bass and Flex: 11/11/19

Phil Hinton

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00:00:00 - Sponsor message
00:01:38 - What have we done this week?
00:18:17 - Current Competitions
00:20:39 - Steve reviews the B&W Formation Bar, Bass and Flex speakers
00:34:36 - Ed reviews the Lindemann Limetree Network Streamer
00:38:36 - Phil's final thoughts on the LG C9 and Panasonic GZ950, plus a short review of the Samsung Q60R TV
00:44:29 - Mark gives us a gaming round-up
00:56:20 - This week's cinema releases
01:00:47 - 4K and Blu-ray disc releases this week
01:08:04 - Streaming releases this week
01:12:41 - Midway review with spoilers
01:26:10 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley, Cas Harlow and Mark Botwright

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Great podcast guys - thanks

Will The Thin Red Line UHD (assuming we get one) be the first UHD Steve doesn’t buy :) ?
I’m on the side of Cas, love the film.

AppleTv+ sounds interesting, will certainly take up the 7day trial if it’s still going over Christmas.

Looking forward to the calibration podcast part 2 next week, enjoy the rest !


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The Apple TV+ App is available on newer Amazon Fire TV devices as of the last system update - probably the most accessible and inexpensive way of receiving the new service for the majority of people who don’t own or want an Apple TV box.

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Had me giggling like a school child "Fire in the hole"

Thanks for the effort for putting these together just the right amount of everything.

AppleTV, unsure at the moment but for £50 per year could be worth a punt.


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Aside from the half dozen or so shows, what else is on Apple TV+?
The only thing on it I’d be keen to watch is “For All Mankind”, after the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 I like the sound of that.

I’m with @Ed Selley on Transport Tycoon, that game was class and I have to admit I’ve looked for an iPad edition a few weeks ago but couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it.


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I can't confirm this is correct information but these latest statistics still show a decline this year of console gaming in the overall slice of the pie. Obviously there may be conflicting reports.
This would still mean that it is growing overall, the obvious reason for this is countries like China have a population which are getting vastly more wealthy compared to a couple of decades ago.



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Do you think Apple TV+ will be available on the LG OLEDs from last year (have a B8)? Can't see it on their content store..

Edit: Maybe not, only 2019 LG models supported here :( Apple TV app
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Toon Army

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Good one gents, the end of year awards will be a tough call in certain categories.

Really not bothered by Apple TV+ as we can't keep up with all that is available on terrestrial, Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime.


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Your firework story brought back memories. :eek:

I too used to treat myself to one big firework each year, until the last time when my 16-shot airbomb repeater got loose and started firing horizontally. One shot whistled past my ear and hit the patio doors and another just cleared the fence and skimmed next doors car roof.


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Sorry to hear about the problems with Apple customer services and trying to get a subscription to AppleTV+

I suggest that any other members having the same problem request the services of Frankie "Ironfist" London - his column attached.


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Just had a look at the Linderman. My goodness, why does high equipment have to look so ugly?


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Just to correct the guys on the pod, you said you can get apple tv on xbox, you had me excited, you cannot get apple tv on xbox.



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At 52 seconds in, Mr Hinton thought it had been quite a few months since there was a full house present for a podcast. In fact it was only four weeks ago, on 14th October.

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