AVForums Podcast: Episode 267 - 24th June 2019

Phil Hinton

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00:00:46 - What has the team done this week?
00:14:34 - Current Competitions
00:16:35 - Steve reviews the Yamaha RX-A1080 AV Receiver
00:32:01 - Ed reviews the Primare I15 Prisma Amp
00:35:38 - Reviews coming soon
00:46:07 - Cas reviews Toy Story 4
00:51:57 - Films released this week
01:04:51 - 4K and Blu-ray discs released this week
01:06:20 - Streaming releases this week
01:10:11 - The best films set in New York
01:22:36 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Cas Harlow and Ed Selley

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Just noticed my local Cineworld is showing Apollo 11 in IMAX. Looks like there's several locations across the country.


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Are we going to read “UHD sales plummet” now Steve can stream HDR!


Are we going to read “UHD sales plummet” now Steve can stream HDR!
I was thinking a mass offload at the nearest CEX to recoup some money


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Could the podcast be made available on Stitcher please? I usually listen on youtube but this is not very data efficient to have on in the car!


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Any chance you can sort out Cas' microphone? It always sounds slightly muffled to me and I miss the odd word here and there as a result. Volume is fine it's just the sound quality.




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Going to see Apollo 11 on Friday at the IMAX with Laser in Leicester Square. Has a Q&A with the director Todd Douglas Miller following the showing. Cant wait! Apollo 11 Plus Live Q and A | Book tickets at Cineworld Cinemas

No mention of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? It's the only film on sale in the most touristy place in Manhattan; the Empire State Building gift shop! It also like Die Hard with a Vengeance, makes use of the city in the plot.


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Nice Podcast as per usual - Cheers!

Re The best films set in New York;

Midnight Cowboy
Do The Right Thing

are two more that deserve a mention (just ordered a copy of Midnight Cowboy which is why it came to mind)


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Thanks again. In terms of current telly i thoroughly recommend "what we do in the shadows". It's had me howling.

Does this mean you’re a werewolf? Stay away from my shrubbery.

Great show, I think every episode should end with Phil saying “Enough now”.

Booked for Apollo 11 at Cineworld this weekend, well reminded!

New York movies:

Across 110th Street does the dirty 70s vibe well.
Keeping The Faith is a love letter to NYC
All the Spider-Man movies showcase the city and illustrate how useless his powers would be on 99% of the world’s surface :laugh:

Toon Army

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Thanks gents.

Phil - How does your AVR cope with the changing dynamics of your room in view of all the boxes?

Thankfully Alexa did not go beserk whilst I listened to the podcast on the Sonos Ones in the kitchen. I tend to switch that feature off during mealtimes as the kids are forever asking for Alexa to play " The poo poo " song. Tell your kids at your peril!



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Great podcast yet again guys. cant wait to hear you for more than two weeks in a row.

Word has it that Theodor Rex was in a future New York.......it probably wasn't.

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