AVForums Podcast: Episode 266 - 17th June 2019


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Isn't the podcast available on Spotify?
I was considering moving from the current podcast service I use to spotify but couldn't find a forums podcast.

On the other hand I found Ed Selley who I now follow
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Interesting point about the gaming industry influence on TV performance, however the console segment is only about 34billion dollar revenue and I think that is smaller than Hollywood. The total market size was about 134billion for gaming in 2018 with mobile taking up 70+ billion dollars.

My friend is a top Producer for EA games and did FIFA. HE tells me it is more focused on mobile now.
Yes I didn't get summary either. Mobile is now the driving force and has been for some years.

Sure next gen games consoles may be the driving force for 8k tv's but it's more like the only force for many years that might make people want a 8k tv.

Can't get away from the fact that the average person in the UK watch SD or at best HD programs on tv. DVD still outsells blu-ray never mind uhd blu-ray.
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