AVForums Podcast: Episode 255 - 4th March 2019


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seriously though, the few videos you've all made have been great, I think most would agree this is definitely the way forward.


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Happy for videos too, hopefully not too dumbed down.
Will there still be the technical breakdown including calibration before after results found in the written reviews simply stated via video?
I love your very detailed written reviews, so hope it can transfer over, and if it saves on labour having to type/format the 8000 word articles, it’s a no brainer!
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According to Samsung even though the One Connect box only has HDMI 2.0b it can support 4K @ 120Hz 4:2:0 10-bit, Dynamic Metadata, VRR, and ALLM. It could also theoretically support eARC, although Samsung hasn't bothered to add it because currently there isn't any point.
Will future reviews include an easy to read checklist of which of these HDMI features are enabled on a tv. It would be more useful than simply stating if it is HDMI 2.0b or 2.1.


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Thanks for the podcast guys, thoroughly enjoyed it. Made me chuckle as Ed got slowly drunk and more enthusiastic as time past. Ed on your point of reviews, I'd like to see more reviews on earbuds, enjoyed your article on the Sennheiser IE800s but currently out of my league. I currently have some campfire Audio Comet earbuds on order and will write my thoughts up on them once they've been broken in. Phil, good point on Alien and you prompted me to do some research, Ive managed to find a local cinema that is showing it the end of this month with an introduction :clap:
I look forward to the video reviews but find I seldom go back to the others out there after I’ve watched them once but do reread articles to pick up key points (rather than sitting through the whole video again) so a mixture is a good idea.

I know the lack of Dolby Vision on Samsung TVs has been talked about a lot already but as someone with an extensive iTunes library of movies with Dolby Vision I’d rather watch on an OLED with DV on an Apple TV than watch native on a Samsung TV without it.


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Has anyone done a HDR10 and Dolby vision comparison?

Its always conflicting on here as it seems DV is not really necessary on TV's with over a 1000nits of brightness (Like the Samsung QLED).

But everyone talks about Dolby Vision like its the highest standard of HDR on any device, not just lower nit screens and without it its an inferior product due to just having HDR10.

Also I have always wondered about Dolby Vision and projectors, Do any have DV and would this not be an ideal use for DV?

Great podcast BTW


If the content is in Dolby Vision and you have a HDR10 TV like a Samsung, then will it play in HDR10 or just normal SDR? Sorry if this an amateur question.


"If You See God, Tell Him" was BBC. I have the DVD. Odd this was yet another series not repeated, where Dad's Army etc seems to be on constantly.

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