AVForums Podcast: Episode 251 - 4th February 2019

Phil Hinton

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00:01:19 - Snowed in and watching lot's of TV
00:14:03 - Current Competitions
00:17:49 - Epson TW7400 Projector Review
00:25:38 - Sennheiser IE800S earphone review
00:36:11 - Reviews coming in February
00:39:31 - Cas reviews Russian Doll, Nightflyers and Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix
00:53:07 - This week's cinema releases
01:06:11 - Blu-ray and 4K disc releases this week
01:10:21 - Oscar Nominations
01:14:06 - The risks of owning digital film and TV content
01:25:37 - Goodbyes

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Steve Withers and Cas Harlow

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Not sure what's happening but the pod cast does not appear on the pod cast update, have to go hunting.

Found it now, so will have to have a listen tonight now.


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As far as the film version of "The Sweeny" is concerned I personally thought it was cack with far, far too much swearing and with Mr Winstone doing his usual shtick . A review from one of the national newspapers stated.... "Rather than upgrading the 1970s TV favourite it treats it like a stolen car to be stripped down, resprayed and erased of identifying features. Only the brand name has been retained, we never even see an actual police station. This Flying Squad seems to operate out of a spacious hi-tech corporate office building high above the city. We barely see any real Londoners, or even the real London. John Thaw brought a world-weary righteousness to the role of Regan in the original, but Winstone's version is a swaggering, sweary, lairy parody of a hard-nosed cop" It goes on... So you see Count W it does have its knockers.:rolleyes:


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The move to digital / streaming is made all the worse by the quality of the image we still have to put up with, it totally unacceptable to have any sort of compression artefacts when you have a 150mb connection as I do. This coupled with the greedy fragmentation of the market is going to push a whole new section of people into torrents, its very depressing.


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Thanks lads, great extended pod!

Well, I finally dipped my toe in the digital market, with the recent Apple movies sale, I couldn't resist, £2.99 for some great 4k/Atmos titles.
Now I have yet to purchase Apple tv, will hang off to see what is announced in March/April (will there be an Apple stick to take on Amazon?).
I will however keep my favorite UHD discs (I have only sold those on offer (on Itunes) that I'd probably not watch for some time) as feedback from those on the "what is your last Blu Ray purchase" thread have said PQ is decent (possibly not while projected), but audio really does take a hit. I guess it depends on your sound system.
I am also not selling my worthless (in price) Blu collection and double dipping (even for the chance to get a free 4k upgrade).
I agree with the disappointing UHD release schedule, I hope we do get a few more classics.

As for multiple subs, its not going to happen. People (myself included) moan about Sky being pricey, I really cant see the majority paying £10 subs for Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, Criterion, HBO, Now tv.... never going to happen, people will dip toes in and out.
Will be interesting to see how they do, you would assume competition will bring the cost down...why do I have a feeling that's not going to happen...

It is odd, when I sold a batch of discs I felt I was betraying the format :) I'm all for ease of access, but like the majority on this site, P&A quality have to be up there!


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Great podcast again folks - keep up the good work :)

Multiple streaming services all vying for our money is absolutely not a winner. There is no way people will shell out multiple amounts of £10 p/month to subscribe to all these services all with their own USP. All this will do is drive up illegal streams as people cannot afford multiple subscriptions. We might moan about Sky pricing etc. but at least it is nearly a one stop shop covering most services. Between that and Netflix (and Amazon to a degree) you are pretty well covered. As their content drops, the prices won't and you will need to subscribe to more and more for the full range. Hopefully a 'correction' will happen quickly.

Interesting about hi end IEM's and wireless streaming. I assume you have to rely on aptX HD (or LDAC if Sony) to deliver anything remotely worthy of these earphones? I have a pair of oBravo in ears and they are wired to get the best quality sound.



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I was hoping that with the newer HEVC codecs that we'd see almost perfect 1080p streaming as that wouldnt need any comrpession at all, instead they've just reduced the bandwidth and marginally increased PQ, its infuriating.


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where does itunes stand these days, are all movies accessible on there or have some studios started to pull away and do their own thing?, If apple still manage to keep things together this could end up being the platform of choice as apple TV is now coming to some TV's isnt it?


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Did Dennis Waterman write and sing the theme to the 2012 movie version of The Sweeney?



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where does itunes stand these days, are all movies accessible on there or have some studios started to pull away and do their own thing?, If apple still manage to keep things together this could end up being the platform of choice as apple TV is now coming to some TV's isnt it?
Nearly everything ie movies, TV, that gets a retail release on on iTunes. But that not to say it'll always be that way given the streaming onslaught we are going to get. If Steve Jobs was still around then maybe he'd strong arm everyone to stay. Lets face it, he was scary and knew was the king of blag, Tim Cook....is not. He just knows how to buy a lot of components on the cheap.


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It seems to me that Ultraviolet is shutting down cos in the only market that the studios have really bothered with, the States, they have a much better offering in Movies Anywhere... Which if you signed up for it anything you had in one provider (iTunes, Google Play Store, Vudu, Amazon) was automatically in the others too so if one provider lost it you’d still have it in the others anyway.
Of course on this side of the Atlantic it doesn’t help us, but Ultraviolet was never any good anyway so there’s no change here as a result of it shutting down, hopefully someday MA will come here as it’s kinda awesome.

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