AVForums Podcast: Episode 250 - 28th January 2019


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Rebillet is awesome. So much so it's inspired me to buy a Boss RC-505 looper to mess about with. Should arrive today. :clap:
He has an album on Spotify, but it's really worth watching his videos to see him put the songs together. Really very talented. He's also currently touring the UK.
And he's also in this infamous video from back in the day
Indeed, was gutted to discover him, find out he's playing locally the next day, and obviously all the tickets were sold out :(


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Regarding reviewing TV I would be interested in the occasional review of smaller size 42"- 43"
Always enjoy listening to your podcast


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Great pod cast and I really enjoy listening to it on my way to work, thank you.

Budget TV's I think this is a good idea but rather than a regular thing it could be an 3 month update on the best of the best TV's are available and out there for the money, just a thought.

A question is in regards to the Fiat Panda 0-30mph being that fastest car for 5 years. I have looked on the internet and cannot find anything on this I only ask due to a chap I work with is a petrol head ie he spends more time on his car than anything and I mentioned it and I got "raised eye brows", is it true?


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Many thanks gents; Ed - I'll check out that Weezer Teal Album immediately.

Regarding films / discs of the month. I agree with Waterworld; such a phenomenal effort from Arrow - especially for bringing the much sought after uncut-extended cut into the land of 1080p.

But... but...! I want to wave the flag for an absolute powerhouse of a film released which had a limited theatrical run earlier this month and has been released just this week on Blu-Ray.

Please gents - may I urge you to watch One Cut of the Dead (released by Third Window films). Also (and this is important) - avoid all reviews and if possible, the trailer. Just when you think you've seen every incarnation of the Zombie genre - you get something like this. It's the most original horror-comedy I've ever seen and I know it's only January, I'll be surprised if it isn't in my top 10 or top 3 of this year.

But I can't emphasise it enough to watch it blind; as many reviews reveal a spoiler relatively early on in the film. It's only a smidge over 90 mins so easy mid-week viewing. And it has a score of 8.0/10 on imdb (make of that what you will).

The blu-ray is on limited release, which is why I'd recommend buying now (the DVD is not limited). So once it's gone, it's gone!

I predict (spoilered as to not influence you), that you guys would grade the film as follows:


Mr Botwright (no point in spoilering this): 10/10 (it's his type of movie). Also get well soon Mr Botwright.

steve a

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Thanks for a great podcast as usual, highly amusing and always a pleasure to listen to your knowledge and banter.
I am also interested in any reviews you may undertake on budget televisions.
I’d be keen of reviews of cheaper TVs, maybe a 3 or 6 monthly lower range shootout, one from each manufacturer below a certain price point with previous years models eligible.

In regards to movie reviews- any chance of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” it’s from the guys who did the Lego movie Lord and Miller (among others) who not happy with creating arguably the best Batman movie have gone on to great the best Spider-Man movie too ... I’ve heard great things about it and really enjoyed the half I got to watch before my son needed to leave.


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I think the budget end TV Reviews would be very helpful. Although many on here may not use those as their main TV its good to know that you are picking up a bargain for a second/kids room. For example if there is a 55" TV around the £500 mark like the electriq model then the Smart TV might be truly awful but the picture more than acceptable. In that case as long as you have a firestick or a ROKU then the problem is fixed.

One of the common questions I see on various forums about budget TV's is "Can anyone find a review for this TV?". I love what you do and if you decide to not do it then so be it but I think that even if you could give a basic rating it would be a huge help for many.


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Please get Cas to do the competitions more often. 'theres some punishment coming to you' - brilliant :rotfl:
Also I really think you should swap jobs for a week. Can't wait to hear that podcast :laugh:

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