AVForums Podcast: Episode 246 - 10th December 2018


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£40 for a cinema seat? I know Brexit and the exchange rate favours tourists, however that is extortionate especially when considering the number of films released each year that would " justify " such a price.
If anyone can spend £40 a ticket each time they watch a film on the Dolby Vision screen then fair play to them. Let's be honest, if we all had the cash, we'd be doing the same.

But these particular seats are in the Royal Box which are meant to be the best seats in that particular screen. There are cheaper ones in there that could be more palatable for some.

For your run of the mill films, sure - going to my local Vue and paying £5 to see a film makes sense. But for those top end films (like Avengers: Endgame), I won't have any issues paying that sort of price if I get the experience of watching it in the best possible way.


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Theadore Rex in Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and proprietary dual laser projection technology anyone. Hmm nah it would still be pants... but nicer pants though. :)


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Thanks for another top podcast.

I really enjoyed the film "They shall not grow old". Aside from the amazing technical achievement it was engrossing to see the first WW with such vivid realism. The voice overs from the BBC archives played a major part. I really liked that the subject was "the life of a British army soldier" rather than a documentary about a particular battle. The contrast to their own normal home life was also interesting as the guys touched on during the podcast. Those teeth !!

Highly recommended to anyone into modern / war history.


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