AVForums Podcast: Episode 239 - 15th October 2018

Steve Withers

And a nice wide lobby and staircase Ken.


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Hmm, quite inefficient packaging by Samsung. The 85" television itself, with stand, weighs "only" 57.7 kg, so the packaging weighs 27 kg, nearly almost half as much as the television itself! I can't think why the packaging weighs so much - my Sony 75ZD9 weighs 45.1 kg with stand, and its packaging weighed 13.9 kg, which is considerably smaller proportion of the whole than this 85" Samsung's packaging!
Must be a British thing, the German one weighs only 79.8 with packaging :rotfl::laugh:


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I forgot to say, in the discussion (and uncertainty) about exactly what IMAX Enhanced is - the current (Number 291, November 2018) issue of Home Cinema Choice print magazine has on page 122 in the AV Avenger comment piece by Steve May a section called "A Chance to enhance?". This section also mentions, as Steve Withers did on this podcast, that THX has seemingly wilted away in the face of UHD, and IMAX Enhanced has arisen to fill the void left by THX.

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